3 Bowling Tips for a Better Game

I am going to share with you some great tips for bowling a better game. You will start to feel
more like a professional and stop feeling like a beginner. There is only so much that you can
learn on your own before you feel like you donít know where to go next. The tips that I am
sharing with you will help you get past that beginner feeling and get you on track to bowling
the best game possible.

Bowling Tips - # 1

The first tip for bowling that I am going to share with you has to deal with is how you swing the
ball. This way that you swing is very important in the game of bowling. You need to make sure
that you keep your arm loose. Keep your grip relaxed in the ball making sure that you are not
squeezing your fingers, especially the thumb. In order to get the best grip your ball needs to be
fit to your hand. This is done so that the holes are not too big, causing you to squeeze your
fingers and muscle the swing. You can use inserts if you find this to be a problem.

Bowling Tips - # 2

The next tip that I want to give to you is to finish up close to the foul line. You should be around
six inches from the foul line after each delivery. This will allow the ball to make contact with the
lane a little further down the lane conserving energy for the pins. If you find that you are too far
behind the foul line at the end of your delivery, adjust your starting point so that you are closer
at the end of delivery. This should improve your game quiet a bit.

Bowling Tips - # 3

The last tip I want to share is that bowling is very much a mental game. You need to always be
thinking about your delivery. If you make a good shot, try to plant your process in your mind so
that you can do that over and over. Always think about making that perfect delivery everywhere:
even off the lanes. Image the steps you take to get that next strike. Always be thinking about your

I hope that these tips will help improve your bowling game. Make sure that when you are on
the lanes that you watch other players bowl. Look at what they do and how they are bowling
if they have a good game.


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